AB QVINTUS provide a deep and wide range of measuring instruments for temperaturpressure and valves for the Swedish and European markets. We have over 65 years of experience in the industry. In recent years, QVINTUS also focusing on selling digital instruments such as sensors transmitters.

QVINTUS ambition is to offer our customers a personal treatment with tailored solutions and products, with the adapted right quality.


QVINTUS Environmental Policy:

AB QVINTUS' environmental work is based on the understanding that the earth's resources are limited, and that humans have a unique opportunity to influence the degree to which they are burdened. We want an awareness of this relationship to characterize every part of the company's work and strive for continuous improvement in our work.

QVINTUS works with industry thermometers, manometers and valves for industry and construction. We want to work to improve our environment by actively reviewing both the production of and the content of our products. This means, among other things, that we work to comply with the EU directives REACH and RoHS and that we strive to have our products reviewed and approved by external environmental assessors. We must be responsive to what our customers, our industry and current environmental legislation require in order to meet the demands placed on the environment and sustainability.

QVINTUS wants a holistic view and well-thought-out work routines to characterize the company's environmental work. Therefore, we work to continuously review the company's energy consumption, transport, office routines and travel options. We want to consider and try to influence the environmental work of our suppliers in the choice of whom we cooperate with. We ensure that waste and chemicals are handled correctly to prevent pollution. We work to ensure that all employees are involved in environmental work and continuously receive information and training on environmental issues and are encouraged to participate.

Feel free to contact us for more information about how our environmental policy affects our daily work.

Ulf Tardelius

Environment and Quality

AB QVINTUS has for several years been running a process in the business to improve our environmental impact. We have an environmental management system through Svensk Miljöbas (based on ISO 14001) and a certification in place that constitutes a clear guideline for the company's future environmental work. For us, it is important that the work is characterized by an awareness of the company's environmental impact and results in concrete improvements, regarding, for example, material selection in products and developing routines in the business.

QVINTUS is connected to FTI, the business system for recycling packaging.

For us quality is about delivering what we promise and what our customers expect from us. In other words: Do it right from the beginning. QVINTUS has built an effective and sustainable quality control system together with our suppliers. Our efforts also enhance our customers trust in QVINTUS products. In 2020 November, QVINTUS announce a 25 years warranty policy on our Q 606 series industrial thermometers.


AB QVINTUS was founded in 1953 by Claes Liljeberg, Rune Lövenberg and Torsten Tardelius. The three men had met while working for the same glassblowing company, Freiberger & André, shortly after the Second World War. When this company was about to move its location from Gröndal, south side Stockholm, to Karlskrona in the south of Sweden, the three of them decided to start their own business. They brought along two other colleagues and became five, which made a quintet - therefore the company was named AB QVINTUS.  

To start with, and for many years to come, QVINTUS found most of its customers within the Swedish shipping industry. Nordstjernan and the Johnson Shipping Line together with Kockums, Götaverken, Öresundsvarvet and Uddevallavarvet were regular customers. Even other Nordic ship building companies such as Kvaerner, Wärtsilä and Moss Rosenbergs Verft occurred as well. During this period the company produced large amounts of mercury switches, for use in staircases, refrigerators and different pumps.  

Due to the ship building crisis in the 1970’s QVINTUS shifted focus towards the Swedish HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry and heating plants all around the country. In the 1980’s, a department for ventilation tools was opened and in the 1990’s, tools for the district heating industry were brought in to broaden the range. QVINTUS now went on to the industry and OEM market (Original Equipment Manufacturer). In the beginning of 2000, even pressure gauges and needle valves have been added to the supply. Today the company is on the verge of introducing sensors as measuring instruments in the assortment and a big effort is being made to develop the export business.

AB QVINTUS is today a family business in the second and third generation, managed by the son of Torsten Tardelius, Ulf Tardelius. Since 2006 the business is located in Bandhagen in the south of Stockholm.