Q 120
Temperature Sensor For Thermowell DIN 43772

Q 121
Temperature Sensor For Different Types Of Thermowells

Q 3101
Temperature Transmitter

Q 121-DIS
Temperature Transmitter with Display

Q 123
RTD Temperaturesensor

Q 1230
Temperature Sensor Pocket

Thermometer that combines local display and digital signal.

Q 3102
Explosion-Proof Temperature Transmitter

Q 3013 & 3013T
Pressure Transmitter for Universal Applications

Q 3012
Pressure Transmitter with Compact Structure

Q 3015HP
High Pressure Transmitter

Q 3016
Pressure Transmitter for HVAC and Medical Applications

Q 3014
Explosion-Proof Pressure Transmitter

Q 3490
Differential Pressure Transmitter

Q 3051S-DP
Differential Pressure Transmitter with HART Communication

Q 3000-1
Plug-in LED-display

Q 3000-2
Cooling Fan

Q 3489
Submersible Level Transmitter

Q 3080
Energy Meter

Q 3910
Turbine Flow Sensor

Q 3920
Vortex Flowmeter

Q 3950
Multi-jet Dry Dial Meter

Q 7358
Water Meter Console with Lead-Free Connections