Q 3305
Digital pressure gauge with insulation structure

Q 3332
Digital pressure gauge with multiple functions

Q 200B
Pressure gauge with radial connection DN8.

Q 200D
Pressure gauge with axial connection DN8.

Q 200A-EK
Pressure gauge with electrical contact.

Q 200A, Q 200C, Q 200E
Pressure gauge with radial connection DN10.

Q 200A1-15
Pressure gauge for district heating and district cooling.

Q 210AG, Q 218AG, Q 218EG
Glycerin filled pressure gauges diam. 100

Q 290 & Q 291
Glycerin filled pressure gauges with diagphragm seal.

Q 250A
Differential pressure gauge set for 2-, 3- or 4-point measurement.

Q 207
Differential pressure gauge for filter plants.

Q 218A, Q 218C, Q 218E
Pressure gauge with connection in acid resistant stainless steel.

Q 219
Pressure gauge for low pressures, e.g. gas installations in mbar