Q 606A
Long straight model.

Q 606M
Medium long straight model.

Q 606B
Short straight model.

Q 606CE
Long angle model.

Q 606MV
Medium long angle model.

Q 606DE
Short angle model.

Q 606 Lead-Free
Model in lead-free execution.

Q 606AF
Long model with 135° angle between case and dive tube.

Q 606AE360
Angle model with rotatable case.

Q 610M12/282
Replacement thermometer.

Q 606 Special
Q 606 thermometers tailor made directly according to customer’s preference.

Q 600
Heat conductive paste for faster and more reliable temperature accuracy.

Q 606ARS
Thermometer exclusively in stainless acid resistant steel.

Q 469
Bimetal Thermometers

Q 606CE for welding
Long angle model in welded execution.

Q 606-HD
Thermometer with welding thermowells and lagging tube.

Q 6731
Distance dial thermometer

Q 6218
Exhaust thermometer with silicone or glycerin filled case.

Q 606 for district heating
Thermometer for district heating installations.

Q 606 for district cooling
Thermometer for district cooling installations.

Thermometer with colored case for separation of pipes.

Q 465
Bimetal thermometer with axial connection.

Q 465/A63
Bimetal thermometer for mounting on the outside of pipes.

Q 466
Bimetal thermometer with radial connection.

Q 465-EK, Q 466-EK
Bimetal thermometer with electrical contact and axial or radial connection.

Q 870
Thermal hydrometer for measurement of density.

Q 465/ACK
Accumulator tank thermometer with lagging tube.

Q 465-HD & Q 466-HD
Bimetal thermometer with lagging tube.

Q 480
Bimetal thermometers with magnet for flexible measurement.

Thermo gauges for combined measurement of temperature and pressure.

Spare glass
Spare glass to Q 606 thermometers.